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"Contribution to the Coranic Conception of the Common Good. Hermeneutical Foundations" - Lecture Series: Islamic Thought and Modern Society (WS 2019/20). Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Mohammed Nekroumi

Lecture Series

Veranstalter: Abbas Poya

Donnerstag, 16.1.2020: 16:00 - 18:00 Uhr

Lecture Series: "Islamic Thought and Modern Society" (WS 2019/20)
Time: Thursdays, 16 – 18 o'clock
Room 3.113, Nägelsbachstraße 25, Erlangen
Description: This course will deal with ethical, philosophical, educational, theological, and normative ideas that have been discussed in both contemporary and historical Islamic societies. In doing so, the course will pay special attention to the relevance of the topics for the current questions and debates. This interdisciplinary course is open to all students and is held in English. However, Erasmus students are in particular welcome to attend the seminar. In this course, all lecturers of DIRS will teach. This means each lesson is reserved for one of the lecturers and deals with a separate topic. In this way, the course includes different approaches and offers a variety of content. You will receive 5 ECTS points through regular participation in the lecture series and preparation of an essay at the end of the course.

List of Contributions
Abbas Poya: Human body in Qur’an and Sharia, 17.10.19
Mahshid Risseh: Marriage, in the time of Islam and the contemporary time, 24.10.19
Mahshid Risseh: Divorce and different sorts and its relevant discussions, 31.10.19
Isabel Schatzschneider: Radicalised Muslims in Germany: A Criminal Law Response, 07.11.19
Hadil Lababidi: Applied Islamic ethics – How modern medicine challenges Islamic ethics I, 14.11.19
Hadil Lababidi: Applied Islamic ethics – How modern medicine challenges Islamic ethics II, 21.11.19
Muhammed Ahmed: Many Faces of Salafiyya: Muslim reformist thought at the turn of the 20th century, 28.11.19
Gang Li: Modernization of Islamic education in China, 05.12.19
Maha El Kaisy-Ffriemuth: History of Muslim-Christian Relations, 12.12.19
Ali Alemdar: Historical development of the coran interpretation from the beginning of the revelation till today, 19.12.19
Ali Alemdar: The effects of modern coranic interpretation on today's German Society, 09.01.20
Mohammed Nekroumi: Contribution to the Coranic Conception of the Common Good. Hermeneutical Foundations, 16.01.20
Farid Suleiman: Happiness for Dummies. Al-Ghazali’s Kimiya-yi sa‘adat as a layman’s guide on how to attain the eternal bliss, 23.01.20
Tarek Badawia: Cultural and religious plurality as a challenge: What kind of religious education do we need? 30.01.20
Eva Kepplinger: Which ethical basis for today´s legal thinking? An analysis of Taha ´Abd ar-Rahman´s i´timaniyya-theory, 06.02.20

Kontakt: Poya, Abbas
Department Islamisch-Religiöse Studien (DIRS)
Telefon 09131 - 85 26012, Fax 09131 - 85 26026, E-Mail: abbas.poya@fau.de

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