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Master of Science in Physics

To complete the master's program you need to obtain 120 ECTS credit points within 4 semesters. This period can be extended by up to 2 semesters. The obligatory requirements are
  • at least one advanced theory course (TV, 10 ECTS)

  • at least one advanced experimental course (EV, 10 ECTS)

  • two advanced lab or computational physics courses (WP, 10 ECTS)

  • a physics seminar (PS, 5 ECTS)

    • elective courses (PW or NW) with a total of at least 15 ECTS (of these at least 5 ECTS from PW)

  • a one-year research period comprising the master's thesis and physics seminar (FO, 60 ECTS).

The minimum requirements add up to 110 ECTS, The remainder can be fulfilled by TV, EV, PW or NW courses.
The abbreviations can be found in the course listings and refer to the examination regulations. The official version is available only in German For further questions please contact Prof. U. Katz

NEW! Students beginning their master studies in the winter term 2018/19 or later may choose specialisation topics. The topics and the applicable courses are listed below under separate headings.

Further courses are offered under the headings "Elective courses in physics" (PW) and "Seminars for physics students" (PS). If you are interested in one of these courses offered in German, you may ask the lecturer whether the course could be taught in English.
In addition, you might take elective courses (NW) in natural sciences (outside of physics), engineering and preclinical medicine. In addition, certain courses in economics may be chosen. Students with a native tongue other than English can accredit English language courses as NW modules and students with a native tongue other than German can accredit German language courses. This requires an initial assessment by the FAU language center; the course taken must correspond to the resulting recommendation. A maximum of 5 ECTS from language courses may be used for the Master's examination.

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